James Gordon and Sons

James Gordon & Sons

James Gordon maintains that his greatest musical contribution has been the co-production of his two talented, indie-rock offspring—his sons Evan and Geordie. Evan Gordon is known for his work with the Juno-nominated alternative bands The Constantines & Royal City. He has two solo albums out with his backup group “The Sad Clowns.” Geordie Gordon has four CDs out with his band The Barmitzvah Brothers, and two with “The Salt Lick Kids.”

In an attempt to maintain some ‘street cred,’ James enlisted the help of his two fine sons to record a collaborative CD, Nine Green Bottles. Evan produced, and plays bass, drums, guitar, ukelele, keyboards and horns. Geordie adds violin, cello, keyboards, mandolin, trombone, guitar, drums and bass. They’ve allowed their old man play guitar, banjo, piano, trumpet, harmonica, mandola, accordion and tin whistle. The tour van is pretty full!

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