The Song Doctor is Making Virtual House Calls!

Is your bridge washed out? Chorus kind of porous? 

Have you fractured some rhymes?

Do your verses need nurses? 

Who ya gonna call?


AND Now I’m Making House Calls!

I’m at your songwriting service! I’ve …

James Gordon in CovidVille

Touring is at a standstill till further notice as you know. It’s tough for all performers and promoters and you the audience. Let’s think of ways that we can all support each other through this. You might have more listening …

JG’s “Emergency Climate Musical” now touring!

JG’s “Emergency Climate Musical” now touring!

My new One-man show is up and running and I’m thrilled with the response. It’s been really rewarding to me to see that it stimulates a good discussion after and sometimes during each show! Southern Ontario this fall and then …

Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”!

Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”!

July 2019
James Gordon has a new way for you to listen to him!
Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”

-a collection of 13 entire albums, an audio book, plus some odds, ends and rarities! 250 songs for 25 bucks! That’s …

One Shirt Three Guys

One Shirt Three Guys

From my recent concert with James Gordon and Sons in Spruce Grove Alberta: Looked out into the audience and saw two cowboys wearing the same shirt as me! They wear them more authentically though. We aughta start a band!