Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”!

Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”!

July 2019
James Gordon has a new way for you to listen to him!
Introducing the “James Gordon Miscellany”

-a collection of 13 entire albums, an audio book, plus some odds, ends and rarities! 250 songs for 25 bucks! That’s 10 cents a dance! Remastered in an mp3 format, all on a handy folky-looking wooden 2 GB USB stick! ( If you want higher fidelity we’ll send it to you! ). This is a sampling of the recordings James has made that stand outside of his “main” ones that are on the fine Canadian record label “Borealis”. THOSE albums are available through their excellent website . Check it out, there are nine JG albums there.
Here’s what you get in this unique package:
The Best of James Gordon with Tamarack, songs from the 14 albums he made with the iconic Canadian folk band.
Dim Lights, Small City: 1995- veering into pop and country music a bit!
Farther Along: 1990- With his 9-piece band!
Hardscrabble Road: 2005- the original cast recording of songs from Gordon’s ground-breaking ‘folk opera’.
Hometown Tunes: 1997- The best of James’ unique songs from Small-town Ontario, from his regular CBC radio spot on “Ontario Morning
Nastee Business: 2011- Another cast recording from another musical. This one is about Nestlé and bottled water.
Odds and Ends: songs from rare sources and deleted items, including tracks from his very first solo album “Looking For Livingstone” and his popular “Bomb Them With Butter” peace song that doesn’t appear on any of his albums.
One In Five: 2002 -A commissioned album about mental health issues.
Pipe Street Dreams: 1999- An intimate solo album that James often says is his favourite!
Road Kill Hat: 2001- Silly songs from James’ long tenure as songwriter-in-residence on CBC radio’s “Basic Black” show with Arthur Black.
 Songs For Kids: 2000- A compilation of James’ two kids albums from the ’80’s- “No Grownups Allowed” and “Bouncy Bouncy.”
 The Highway And I: 2007- Audio Book: 5 hours of spoken word fun: Road Stories from a life-time of traveling.
The Song The River Sings: 2004. Commissioned by the Canadian Heritage River Society: 12 great songs from 12 great rivers!
This Canoe Runs On Water: 2010- More River Songs- these ones all about his beloved Trent-Severn Waterway.
 Tune Cooties: 2002- another batch of songs from the last years of the “Basic Black” radio show, including his enduring goofy hit: “Sweaters For Penguins”

All this in one handy Memory stick with so many musical memories!

Order here:

OR the old fashioned way: send a cheque to Pipe Street Publishing for 25.00 Cdn or 20.00 US to Pipe Street Publishing Box 714 Guelph ON N1H 6L3 and say “Miscellany” on the cheque or in a note with your return address.