James Gordon’s Somewhat Rushed February Newsletter

Hi folks… on the run as always…. 

Because the lovely Miss Sue Baru likes to be in the eye of any storm, I’m heading to the Eastern U.S. for one lonely but fun show in a coupla days…

IF we make it, we’ll be at Drew Lamm’s lovely house concert Saturday January 31st in Rowayton Connecticut 7 p.m. 25 dollars. Contact Drew atyaydrew@aol.com for directions and reservations. This one fills up fast! 

Then… home again pronto for a week of songwriting-in-the-schools in Fergus ON Feb 2 to 5th… You can’t come.. but I’ll come to your school if you ask!

Feb 6th in Guelph I’m the special guest at the Kiwanis Festival Gala concert in the heart of Ward 2 at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. 7:30 p.m. Lots of great music for a great musical cause!

Then, hold on to your toques— It’s the winter western tour of Stephen Harper The Musical! 

Stephen the Puppet gets stuffed into a suitcase and popped on a plane to Prince Albert Saskatchewan for a show February 10th – here’s the scoop! There’s been lots of advance press about this.. PA won’t know what hit them! 

Then, Wednesday Feb 11th I’ll be doing a house concert in Calgary… would love to see my Calgarian Friends out there! It’s been a while! I’m at the home of my friend Tiffany- it’s at 7 p.m.   contact her for directions and reservations attiffany_saxton@yahoo.ca It’s a great intimate setting and kids are welcome. 

Then THursday Feb 12th… Stephen Harper The Musical is back at it, this time in the heart of Harperland… Red Deer Alberta! Sponsored by the Councill of Canadians and the Red Deer College Political Science Society, they’ve assured me that there are some brave Harper Resistors there! It’s at 7 at the Red Deer College Forum… Tickets are 15 dollars and are available online at http://canadiansreddeer.org/musical

Valentine’s Day I’ll be on a plane with   The Puppet Dictator, ( how romantic!) heading to the Honeymoon Capital of the north, yes folks.. YELLOWKNIFE in the North West Territories! The musical will be presented at 7:30 PM February 14th At the Northern United Place Auditorium $20 or by Donation for Low Income 

contact craig.yeo@gmail.com for ticket info. 

It’s -39c there today, but hey, it’s gotta be a lot warmer there in February right? Right?

Back home without missing a council meeting!

THEN on February 20th I’ll be in Port Huron Michigan atThe Raven.... 8 p.m.  check it out! Haven’t played there before but twill be good to be back in MI. 

Feb 22nd..6 pm. My political mentor and musical friend Charlie Angus will be doing a fundraiser here in Guelph for the NDP.. I’ll be joining in the fun…  a Juno nominated musician and one of Canada’s most dynamic MPs.

At The Bullring, University of GuelphTickets for this memorable event are $80, $25 for students and people who are unwaged. We also have a limited quantity of premium tickets available for $130, these include an intimate afternoon reception with Charlie in addition to the evening festivities. Tickets over $25 are elibible for a partial tax rebate.

tix at info@guelphndp.ca

February 24th and 25th, I’m back doing songwriting-in-the-schools in Fergus ON… and then, the rest of the month I’ll be hard at it as Councillor Gordon.

 Sheesh.. I’m tired just thinking about all that!

OK that’s all for this month– thanks as always for listening and reading… 

See you along the trail somewhere. 



 HarriKariOke! Last weekend, along with my CBC radio host friend Craig Norris, I was asked to judge a karaoke contest in Waterloo. Twas for a great cause. The legion hadn’t been redocorated since the ’40s, where most of the patrons attending were from too. A fun night for a good cause, though after about 40 songs the novelty was wearing a bit thin! Here I am testing out the machine by singing ‘Beast of Burden” on the bleakest stage ever!

IN Other News: Finally I’m getting a new updated website! Watch for it soon at jamesgordon.ca!

Next week, and again in March, I’ll be giving a history class via skype using my historical songs, for the University of Wisconsin at Madison! We’ll be looking at the stories behind my songs “Chippewa Smile”,”Pawpine” and “Frobisher Bay”.


Here’s a sad picture- the lovely Miss Sue Baru’s shapely derriere is displaying about 600 copies of my 1987 Vinyl album “Looking FOr Livingstone”, all bound for the great jukebox in the sky. I’ve held on to these for almost 30 years hoping that album would become the cult classic I always knew it COULD be. I just didn’t have room for them anymore ( though I still kept a couple hundred.. just for you!)– I took boxes to the local thrift stores– so maybe they’ll get played a bit! One of these days I’ll rerelease it on CD, if THOSE are still around! I’m a hoarder, so it was hard work parting with them, and the guy at the dump turned out to be a fan and tried to talk me out of it!


Flashback of the month: here’s a shot of me playing with an up and coming young star back in around 1990. Yes, it’s Sarah MacLauchlan!

JOKE OF THE MONTH: CLown gets arrested for shoplifting. Hauled before the court. Says in his defence “Your honour, I’m a victim of circus pants!”

COMING UP: March will find me and Stephen Harper: the mUsical in the Interior of BC with a week of shows out there. It’s an election year so this play has become in demand. Let me know if I can come to your town with it!

VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Since I mentioned it- here’s “Alone On the Road ON Valentine’s Day” performed with my wonderkids Evan and Geordie and their honorary uncle Jeff Bird. Think of me when I’m in Yellowknife!