I can’t seem to stop writing songs. Mostly they write themselves. I just hold up a net and catch them as they flutter past. Counting the albums I made with Tamarack, I’ve hit FORTY of the little darlings now, spread out over 30 years. Maybe I’ll get it right one day and I can stop. In the meantime, here’s a catalogue of what’s in current circulation. I’d be honoured if you’d consider purchasing one. It would help restore my faith in showbiz!

Read more about each project (including sample lyrics and mp3s) by clicking on the links below. You can listen to various James Gordon tunes online at CBC Music , and at

A text-only discography also available.

This Canoe Runs On Water cover

This Canoe Runs On Water A collection of songs about the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario, Canada. James will be touring the waterway in his eco-friendly riverboat “The Eramosa Belle” throughout the summers of 2010 and 2011.



My Stars Your Eyes coverMy Stars Your Eyes One dozen songs—finely crafted, topical, and surprisingly intimate.




Pipe Street Songbook cover
Pipe Street Songbook A collection of fifty of James’ most requested songs, accompanied by personal recollections about the songs and the creative process.





The Highway and I cover
The Highway And I — Audio Book This collection of road tales covers James’ 30-plus years in showbiz. It’s a treasure trove of James Gordon musical adventures—four CDs (5.5 hours!) of stories and one CD of songs. Perfect for your next road trip!





Nine Green Bottles cover
Nine Green Bottles — James Gordon And Sons The first collaboration with the 3 Gordon Boys: James, Evan and Geordie.



Hardscrabble Road cover
Hardscrabble Road 24 original songs from James Gordon’s activist musical, featuring the original cast: Ken Brown, Nonie Crete, James Gordon, Sandy Horne, Amy Nodwell, Ryan Scheider.



Songs from the Lost Villages cover
Songs from the Lost Villages 12 Songs about the Lost Villages of The St. Lawrence.




Endomusia cover
Endomusia 14 well crafted songs that range from the wistful to the political.




The Song the River Sings cover
The Song the River Sings Commissioned by the Canadian Heritage River Society, this is a musical paddle down 12 great Canadian rivers.



1 in 5 cover
1 in 5 12 songs about mental health issues by James Gordon and Sandy Horne.




Tune Cooties cover
Tune Cooties 14 songs plus eleven previous “Basic Black” humourous hits.




One Timeless Moment cover
One Timeless Moment 14 well crafted songs that range from the wistful to the political.




Song of Our City cover
Song of Our City A musical celebration of Guelph’s 175th Anniversary.




Road Kill Hat cover
Road Kill HatEven more songs from Basic Black.





Mining for Gold cover
Mining for Gold “Best Of” double CD — 1981 to 2001,




Songs For Kids cover
Songs For Kids A collection of James’s songs for young people, including his famous tune “Gypsy Sock”!



Pipe Street DPipe Street Dreams coverreams Thirteen intimate songs. James at his solo best.