new cd “Sunny Jim” has arrived!

new cd “Sunny Jim” has arrived!

Thanks to all who came out for the June CD launch concerts. I’m thrilled with the response to “Sunny Jim” and extra thrilled that it is currently sitting at #2 on the Canadian Radio Airplay charts in the roots/acoustic category… AND it’s #24 across North America. Fall and winter touring dates are being expanded to meet the demand!

You can purchase the CD in an ACTUAL CD from, or download it digitally. Also availabe on iTunes, Amazon and several other download sites.

Here’s the official scoop:

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“Sunny Jim” is the 7th album for James Gordon on Borealis Records. We think this new collection of songs brings him back full circle to his folky roots. There are a lot of echoes here of his acoustic trio days with Tamarack, and of the kind of music he was raised on. Recently elected as a city councillor in his hometown of Guelph Ontario, you can hear some of his progressive politics and activism seeping through as well.

Known for his classic “Frobisher Bay”, one of Canada’s most covered songs, and for his “Mining For Gold” song covered on the Cowboy Junkies’ famous “Trinity Sessions” album, Gordon has been a staple in the centrefold of the Canadian Songwriting Scene for more than 30 years.

James spent the last two years touring the country with his hugely successful one-man musical “Stephen Harper: The Musical”. ( It worked. You’re welcome.) He’s excited to return to travelling with this compelling new collection of songs that reflect where he’s been and point to where he is going musically.

Recorded fairly sparsely in his new studio, there’s a lot of James on it: he plays

piano, acoustic and electric guitar, trilele, banjo, accordion, harmonica, tin whistle, recorder and  trumpet. He was joined by his sons Evan and Geordie on bass, guitars, fiddle and percussion. Evan has been producing and engineering in L.A. and came back to fill those roles with his old man for this. Both Gordon boys have become ace backup players in the indie scene for such bands as Islands, The Constantines, Weather Station, the Magic, and Andy Shauf.  James’ neighbours joined in on gang backup vocals, and it’s got a real ‘neighbourhood’ feel to it. “Sunny Jim” brings James home to that ‘hood with an album that will feel right at home to his fans, and will bring along new ones drawn to his unique voice and perspective as a writer.