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This special project about mental health issues was commissioned by NAMI (National Alliance of the Mentally Ill) in the U.S.A. Featuring songs written by James based on stories shared with him by mental health survivors, a live tour of mental health organizations throughout the U.S. coincided with the album’s release. ONE IN FIVE was designed to raise awareness about mental illness and to raise the spirits of those who have experienced illnesses of the brain.

Pipe Street Records, 2002

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Product Description

One in Five
One in five people will personally experience an illness of the brain during their lifetime. This song addresses the stigma attached to those with mental health issues, but suggests that openly discussing these issues will help to reduce that stigma.

There’s A Light — lyrics
Co-written with Jude Vadala, this is a song of hope for troubled souls.

Virginia’s Day — mp3
James produced a film about mental illness called “Breaking the Mask” — and one of the young participants described to him the typical day of someone with Schizo-effective disorder. Her courage and her commitment to getting well inspired this song.

Ryan’s Dream
Written with Ryan Case, a courageous young man from Kentucky who became a fan of James’ work. Ryan told James that his solution to his social anxiety issues was to face full on his biggest fear: getting on stage. How did he face that fear? He became an actor, and he claimed that the CHARACTERS he played didn’t have a mental illness, and he learned from them! He is now a successful professional actor.

Who Cares For the Caregiver?
Another song written with Jude Vadala, this one about the sometimes overlooked task of those giving care to family members with mental illnesses.

James met an old woman in a hospital whose eyes told him the story of her desire to ‘leave this old world behind’.

Sing With Me
A song about dealing with a great loss.

Harry In The Hole
This is about the former “town character” in Mount Forest Ontario. Every small town has one, and it’s often forgotten that their ‘eccentricities’ are symptoms of mental illness. James invented the story of how Harry came to live in a hole at the edge of town, then heard from World War II veterans that it was in fact a true tale.

Did You Already Know?
A song about a young person who tries to run away from his mental health issues.

What the Lily Pads Are Thinking
A very rare thing on a James Gordon CD…an instrumental! This one was co-written by Sandy Horne and is a quiet reflection.

I Would Not Give It Away
Another participant in the “Breaking the Mask” film claimed that she would not trade her mental illness because of the life lessons learned by dealing with it.

We Can Give You Hope
An anthem written for the Canadian Mental Health Association, about the good work and the hope they offer.