From one of the hardest working and most prolific songwriters in all of Folkdom comes Endomusia ( the silent recall of a melody ) Typical of Gordon’s high songwriting standards the new album contains 14 well crafted songs that range from the wistful to the political. Endomusia features Sandy Horne and Marion Linton along with other special guests Stephen Fearing, Donna Creighton (Sirens), Alex Sinclair and Jeff Bird. “James Gordon is really a remarkable Canadian performer. His body of work is truly original …”-Les Siemieniuk – Penguin Eggs

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  1. Small Town Prairie Gigs 
  2. Randal Dooley 
  3. Weapons Of Mass Instruction 
  4. The Queen of the Bingo Palace 
  5. Carlylye Lake 
  6. The Bonny Earl of Murray 
  7. Just Like Davey Jones 
  8. The Seeking 
  9. To The Walls 
  10. Mesopotamia 
  11. Saugeen Gypsies 
  12. World Gone Mad 
  13. Traverse City 
  14. Friendly Fire