Coyote's Calling

The Heritage Hall Sessions


With Coyote’s Calling, James delivers eleven original & distinctive songs – plus a co-write with singer songwriter Katherine Wheatley that amplify his passion for social justice, environmental and ‘human condition’ issues. These are recurring themes in his work, but this time, with a new band, he’s stretching towards exciting, new musical directions outside his more familiar acoustic roots Musicians featured include Katherine Wheatley, Jude Vadala, Louisa Kratka, Evan Gordon and Geordie Gordon. Produced and recorded at Pipe Street Studios in Guelph, Ontario by James Gordon and Evan Gordon.

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Product Description

  1. You Want To Feel Heard
  2. Angus Maclean
  3. Fall And Rise
  4. For Free
  5. I Am A Human
  6. In the Dying Days of the Empire Of Oil
  7. Dreaming of A Dream
  8. When You Live Out On The Sidewalk
  9. You Know Where to Find Me
  10. The System Isn’t Broken
  11. Angel Food Cake
  12. One Rich Man

    ‘The Heritage Hall Sessions’ Cover Art – Photo by Sam Boer