Green Bottles

Nine Green Bottles


Prolific Canadian roots music veteran James Gordon maintains that his greatest musical contribution has been the co-production of his two talented, indie-rock offspring, his sons Evan and Geordie. Nine Green Bottles brings their youthful energy to twelve Gordon originals with a surprising new sound – their first recorded musical collaboration. Producer Evan Gordon is known for his work with the Juno-nominated alternative bands The Constantines & Royal City. Evan and Geordie played all the instruments (guitar, keyboard, strings, horns, drums, mandolin, banjo and organ) with arrangements that cross James’ folk sensibility with their ‘roots rock’ sound. James found room on this unique project to sing two songs composed by his son, Geordie (touring North America & Europe with The Barmitzvah Brothers) and he co-wrote a track with son, Evan.

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Product Description

  1. Inukshuk 
  2. The Moon Looks Like It’s Crying 
  3. Another Silver Maple Comes Down 
  4. Casey Sheehan Didn’t Die For Nothing 
  5. Short Line 
  6. Levee’s Broken 
  7. Shkendemowin 
  8. Nine Green Bottles 
  9. Manitoulin 
  10. Since This Is Just a Song 
  11. Rattle Of A Teacup 
  12. The Secret Of Rock and Roll