One Timeless Moment

One Timeless Moment


How do you follow up a “best of” album, aside from retiring? Hardly the retiring type, James Gordon has followed his epic double CD “Mining For Gold: Twenty Years of Songwriting” by musically re-inventing himself on “One Timeless Moment”. Working with a full band this time out and recording “live off the floor” the CD features Producer Scott Merritt on electric guitar, Sandy Horne on bass and vocals, Peter Von Althen on drums, and Evan Gordon on organ. (Yes that’s James’ son). From the country/rock feel of “Dan Macphee”to the haunting “Michipicoten”; from the smoky jazz cabaret quality of “A Really Lousy Late Winter Day”, to the political “Another Big Box Store” James Gordon has once again delivered another stellar album of original songs. Musicians: James Gordon, Sandy Horne, Scott Merritt, Peter Von Althen, Dennis Rondeau, Evan Gordon, Marion Linton, Katherine Thompson Produced by: Scott Merritt

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Track Listing

  1. Dan McPhee 
  2. The Old Troubador 
  3. Michipicoten 
  4. Virginia’s Day 
  5. Another Big Box Store 
  6. Unspoken 
  7. Rapunzel 
  8. Sing With Me 
  9. Funny Old World 
  10. A Really Lousy Winte#6E 
  11. Sunset Song 
  12. It’s Not Summer Anymore 
  13. How Many Mistakes?