Pipe Street Songbook

Pipe Street Songbook

James Gordon, based in Guelph, Ontario, is one of Canada’s premier folk musicians.  ”Pipe Street Songbook” is a collection of fifty of James’ most requested songs, accompanied by personal recollections about the songs and the creative process, and embellished by illustrations from artist Tanya Williams. We’re selling both the actual book and also MP3s to accompany the book.

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Here’s what’s in the book:

  1. A Cowboy’s Got A Horse
  2. Back Before Wal-mart
  3. Bomb Them With Butter
  4. Carlyle Lake
  5. Casey Sheehan Didn’t die for nothing
  6. Coke Oven Brook
  7. Donut Life
  8. Down The Old Tweed Road
  9. Farther Along
  10. God Snapped Her Fingers
  11. Gypsy Sock
  12. Harvest Train
  13. Highway Seventeen
  14. Hockey Town
  15. Home To You Once More
  16. Inukshuk
  17. It Time To Go Home
  18. Levee’s Broken
  19. Lonesome Cowboy’s Lament
  20. Looking for Livingstone
  21. Manitoulin
  22. Maynard’s Big Front Porch
  23. Men Don’t Clean Toilets
  24. Mining For Gold
  25. My Stars YourEyes
  26. No Herring Left in the Bay
  27. Oh Klondike
  28. Our White Man’s Word
  29. Pawpine
  30. Robin Hood’s Bay
  31. Saugeen Gypsies
  32. Shkendemowin
  33. Small Town Prairie Gigs
  34. Stuart and Lillian
  35. Sweaters For Penguins
  36. That Old Cedar Strip
  37. The Greenland Whale
  38. The Song My Paddle Sings
  39. The Virginia Brand
  40. The moon looks like it’s crying
  41. There is No Silent NIght
  42. Too Canadian These Days
  43. Tugboat Days
  44. We Owe It To The Pioneers
  45. We’re Canadians, And We’re Sorry
  46. Weapons of Mass Instruction