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Road Kill Hat


Even More Songs From Basic Black…

This album was the second one drawn from songs written during Gordon’s tenure as “Songwriter-in-residence” with CBC Radio. These songs were all written for his weekly feature spot on Arthur Black’s “Basic Black Programme” and they are all, like James, rather quirky!

Pipe Street Records 2001

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Road Kill Hat — mp3
About a man serving two years less a day in a certain institution, who found an unusual source for material for his millinery hobby.

Pouches for Wombats
The sequal to James’ now classic “Sweaters For Penguins” song.

Stage Fright
A comic look at a common performer’s dilemna.

A Canadian Heritage Minute
The complete history of Canada in 60 seconds!

Pity The Poor Apostrophe
A lament for a neglected form of punctuation.

Polar Bear Ball
About Churchill Manitoba’s most famous residents.

You’re A Boomer
How to recognize that you are ‘of a certain age.’

Come On Arthur, Give It A Try!
This was the theme song for a feature on the Basic Black programme, where the host had to try out different occupations.

The Old Songwriter
James gets to make fun of himself in this one.

It’s Hard To Find Good Bear Scat These Days
Well, it’s true! From a story sent in by James’ “Mountain Chick” friend Wendy Bush from Canmore Alberta. She got a summer job collecting samples of bear doo doo for scientific research!

Toad In A Can
A variant on the Canadian tradition of finding a mouse in your beer bottle.

I’m Wearing Rover Now — lyrics
Believe it or not, a woman in Kitchener, Ontario, has a business where she will knit you a sweater from the hair of your deceased pet!