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Once upon a time, before you kids were born, I made two children’s cassettes. “No Grownups Allowed” in 1985, and “Bouncy Bouncy” in 1987. (I wrote kids songs when MY kids were little, and somehow didn’t really keep that going when they grew up!)

“No Grownups Allowed” is my only album to go “GOLD”… helped by the fact that back then you could buy it for 1.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart if you bought a pack of Pampers with it! There was even a colouring book that went with it, published by Golden Books! I’ve put them together on this CD, released in 2000 with the bonus track “Gypsy Sock” recorded also in 2000. They feature my son Evan when he was 5 years old doing the introductions!

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Product Description

Don’t do This And Don’t Do That
A chance for every kid to get back at the grownups who always tell them what to do!

A Cowboy’s Got A Horse
An explanation about why they are called “cowBOYS” and not “CowMEN.”

The Waltz of The Fireflies — lyrics
“In the bullrush ballroom, the frogs turn up the volume; they croak out a song as the fireflies wink to the twinkling stars.”

The Stew Song
An accumulative song for when you get hungry and have some unusual ingredients around.

Up in the Treefort
No Grownups allowed up there!

The Monster Song
I hate to tell you this, but there’s more than just lint under your bed…there are musical monsters!

Bruce’s Tooth
Guess what happened when Bruce didn’t brush!

The Wild Boy Of Borneo
Time To Rock and Roll!

Bouncy Bouncy
My kids loved to bounce. They could bounce all day. I’m surprised they didn’t grow up to be professional bouncers.

Bucky The Wonderhorse
My son evan actually had a toy riding horse called Bucky. They rode right across the living room together many times.

The Dinosaur’s Dance
Think that’s thunder you are hearing? Wrongo. It’s dinosaurs dancing in the primordial ooze!

I Don’t Wanna Go To School
A jazzy answering back song.

The Rhythm Of The Earth
An environmental song–“Feel the rhythm of the earth, spinning through the universe, that rhythm’s for a song we all can sing.”

Under The Bed
There are those monsters again…this time singing a capella doo wop!

This Big Old World
Written after wondering why we don’t give the planet earth a giant valentine’s card on Valentine’s Day so that we can tell it that we love it!

About the legendary sea creature in Lake Okanogan.

I am A Grownup
That’s very debatable, but this song is about being a grownup and missing all that cool kid’s stuff.

Who Needs A Zoo?
When I go to the zoo, I find the people to be more interesting to look at than the animals sometimes

Blue-Eyed Lullaby
A song for my sons when they were babies. It didn’t work. They never slept much!

Gypsy Sock — mp3 | lyrics
What happens to the one sock that’s always missing after you do your laundry?