My Stars Your Eyes

My Stars Your Eyes


My Stars Your Eyes” is James’ fifth album for Borealis and shows him at the top of his craft as songwriter and singer. Famous for having written a thousand songs, James has assembled a dozen of his latest, which true to form, are topical, intimate finely crafted and sometimes surprising. The new album features guest musicians Katherine Wheatley, Jude Vadala, Sandra Swannell, Evan Gordon and Geordie Gordon Produced and recorded at Pipe Street Studios in Guelph, Ontario by James and Evan Gordon Additional recording and mixing by Paul Mills at the Millstream, Toronto.

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Product Description

  1. I’ve Come Along 
  2. How? 
  3. At The Whim Of The Wind And The Sea 
  4. Virtue Jane 
  5. The Great Duncan Heist 
  6. Joy-Ann 
  7. The Wild Blue Yonder 
  8. Whistlewing 
  9. Forbidden Lake 
  10. Kelvinator 
  11. Alone On The Road On Valentine’s Day 
  12. My Stars Your Eyes