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The Song the River Sings


this is a musical paddle down 12 great Canadian rivers. In addition to the James Gordon originals, the CD includes a great song from Alex Sinclair about the Soper, and one from Newfoundland’s Bud Davidge about the Bay du Nord. James also recorded his first traditional song all in French, (vraiment!), the voyageur song “Le canot d’écorce” from Quebec’s Jaques-Cartier River. The album features Sandy Horne on bass, Marion Linton on fiddle, and Jude Vadala on back-up vocals.

The CD was produced for the fourth Canadian River Heritage Conference in June 2004. Hundreds of delegates gathered at the Grand River watershed in Guelph, Ontario, to contemplate the continuing importance of rivers as gathering points, natural and cultural resources, and sources of inspiration. The conference offered a unique opportunity to meet, discuss, and celebrate the sharing of river stories and learning how rivers shape our lives and societies. This conference also marked the tenth anniversary of the Grand as a Canadian Heritage River, and the 20th anniversary of the Canadian Heritage River System itself.

Pipe Street Records, 2004

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Product Description

1. Lessons Of The River (Missinaibi)
2. Far From Home (Fraser)
3. Maggie of the Margaree
4. The Barren Lands (Coppermine) — mp3 | lyrics
5. Roll On North Saskatchewan
6. Ol’ Cane (Bay du Nord)
7. She Is Fickle (Grand)
8. Soper River Song — lyrics
9. Swamp Fever (Rideau)
10. The Sault Ste. Marie Canal (St. Marys)
11. Yukon River Jig (The Thirty Mile)
12. Le canot d’écorce (Jacques-Cartier)
13. The Song The River Sings