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This Canoe Runs on Water


The historic Trent-Severn Waterway is a beautiful 386 km long series of rivers, canals, lakes, and locks running through Central Ontario connecting Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. It’s been my summer home for a number of years now; at Big Chute on the Severn I keep “The Eramosa Belle,” a home-made eco-friendly houseboat with solar power and a stage on top!

I’ve been collecting stories and memories of this great water system, and this project is a dream come true for me. Thirteen songs written on the river, ABOUT the river, and designed to be performed along the waterway with a series of ongoing summer concerts. If you know my music, you’ll know I’m obsessed with rivers. They run through many of my songs and I’ve got 1000 of those! In the summer and fall of 2010 and 2011 I’ll be touring the waterway with my riverboat stage—performing the songs from this album and telling tales of the river’s fascinating history.

Pipe Street Records, 2010

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Product Description

About a beautiful 19th century steamer that plied the eastern section of the Trent-Severn Waterway. Reading about her gave me pause to think about how the river has been altered over the years by human intervention.

This Canoe Runs on Water
The Canoe in my view is the most perfect, eloquent form of human transportation ever created. Many of the finest were built along the Trent-Severn in Peterborough.

The Maritime Excursion of the Mariposa Belle
Based on a story by Orillia’s Stephen Leacock, this tells the tale of an excursion from Orillia through the famously shallow Lake Couchiching.

The Uneeda Rest
This old hotel still exists along the shores of Sparrow Lake, and this story would have been a common one in its heyday.

The Song The River Sings/Ojibway Water Song
“The Narrows” between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching has been a gathering place for our first nations peoples for centuries. We have a lot to learn from the stewardship and honouring of the river that they have always shown.

Nobody’s Rushin’ in Russian Bay
Russian Bay is near the Swift Rapids Locks on the Severn, an idylic spot in the summer; a place to lose the tensions of the city.

They Don’t Call it Pretty Channel for Nothing
Near Big Chute on the Severn, this is a favourite anchoring spot for our little houseboat “The Eramosa Belle.”

Does It Come With The Blonde On The Bow?
Tell me if you’ve noticed this boating phenomena along the waterway!

Slow Down!
Sometimes boaters forget that they are not in rush hour traffic anymore!

Little Go Home Bay
A Lower Severn Song about a lovely stretch of water that always feels like home.

Catherine And Susannah
About Canada’s famous writing sisters Catherine Parr Traill and Susannah Moodie.. pioneer neighbours along the waterway near Lakefield.

River Country
About the section of the Trent river that ends in Lake Ontario.

You Can’t Put A River In A Box — lyrics
Well, engineers keep trying!