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Tune Cooties


All songs written for CBC radio’s BASIC BLACK programme, in a great hurry on a ridiculous deadline. They are all remarkably silly, and were based on interviews and stories from Arthur Black’s programme. All of course, are true stories

Pipe Street Records, 2002

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We’re Canadians, And We’re Sorry
Piece of the King
Servin’ Squirrel
Winnipeg (“It’s In The Middle”)
Spleen Readin’ Man
Supermarket Rage
Why Does The Newt Cross the Road?
Dale The Mystery Plumber
Chicken Poop for the Soul
Surfer Street Kids
Jello Gir
Tune Cooties
Snowflakes and Raindrops and Pretty Girl’s Smile
The Last Regular Paycheque I Ever Had
The Humline Song
Dear Rover
Men Don’t Clean Toilets
Opera Singing Dog
Sweaters For Penguins — mp3
Donut Life
Five Penis Wine
Last Call At The Cyber Saloon
Gypsy Sock
Line Dancers From Outer Space
Dear Mr. Guinness