The Song Doctor is Making Virtual House Calls!

Is your bridge washed out? Chorus kind of porous? 

Have you fractured some rhymes?

Do your verses need nurses? 

Who ya gonna call?


AND Now I’m Making House Calls!

I’m at your songwriting service! I’ve got the cure for your ailing choruses and your malnourished verses. I have the prescription to songwriting success and I’m keen to share  what I’ve learned with you. 

This wasn’t my idea, but I think it’s a cool one! One of my song patients who has enjoyed my songwriting workshops asked if I could do virtual one-on-one sessions, helping to tend to her ailing songs and encourage the creation of more. 

I’m just a song doctor who can’t say no- so we’re starting next week… and you too could get a virtual house call! Just you and me. 

We’ll gather on Zoom and I’ll charge my regular Studio rate: 45 dollars per hour. ( Cheap for a huge international rock star like me dontcha think?). 

So, if you’re ready to be a song patient please email me at to confirm.