The Song Doctor Is Online- starting April 26th, 2020

Yes folks, enough of you have asked, so I’m going to bring back my weekly Song Doctor series, online, for up to 15 people at a time, on a Zoom-like (but not Zoom) interactive platform that lets us share and discuss the songs you’ve been working on. You know you’ve got the time now, right? Let’s hear some of your new little darlings!

Here’s how I picture it working.

We’ll gather each Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm. ET. It’s at 2:30 because I’ve been doing a “Tunes at Two” live request on my James Gordon Facebook feed every day at 2 p.m. Check it out. We’ll go till 4:30 or so, and I’m hoping you’ll share your songs live, for all participants to see and hear, then I’ll lead off the comments and constructive feedback about the songs, followed by additional feedback from your fellow song writers. We might not get to EVERYONE in a single session, but I’ve been finding in the ‘analog’ versions that everyone learns a lot from listening and responding to the other songs. One interesting feature is that you can send the lyrics and chords to me in advance, and I can paste them into the ‘chat’ function on the app we’re working on. (Either Webex or Jitsi. Zoom has been very problematic and insecure. Like me.)

I can’t do it for free. Hope you are cool with that.  I’m overdue with car payments on my BentleyJ … as you know us touring artists have pretty much zero income now, and we’re all looking for ways to make it through. Besides, my personal belief is that the music biz was already in deep crisis before all this started, and when we get past I feel that we must address the expectation that artists should offer their work for free. Discuss.  So, I’ll do a pay-what-you-can donation, with a suggested rate of 15 dollars per session, but really, any way you can contribute is appreciated. Thanks.  We don’t know how long we’ll be ‘locked down’, so we’ll take it week by week.

So, if you’re ‘in’…Please send me a donation via e-transfer to  OR through an easy Paypal link:

When I receive that, I’ll send you a link to get online with us, the morning of the session. That’s it. Bob’s Your Uncle.

I can focus on different song-writing ‘ailments’ to fix if you let me know what you are looking for.

It’ll be fun, and maybe it will be a stimulus for writing more.

With the donation, make sure I have your name and the email that you’d like me to use for the link to join in, and send another email to if you’d like to share lyrics in advance, or if you have any requests for areas to explore with songwriting tips. The Song Doctor has the cure for your ailing choruses and your malnourished verses. He has the prescription to songwriting success!