Sunday Afternoon Songwriting with James!

Sunday Afternoon Songwriting with James!

Sunday Afternoon in the Studio with James!
An 8-week series of songwriting workshops with the song doctor himself,
James Gordon  2020 VERSION- New Venue..

Starts January 26th, 2020

Want to write a love song? Let’s examine your heart
A political song? You’ve definitely come to the right place.
Want to be in show business? You’d have to see a psychiatrist about that.
A song about the environment? That would be just what the doctor ordered.
Anything you’d like to work on, we can handle.

The idea is to gather a maximum of 16 people each week for 8 weeks. I’ll help nurture your songs along in a safe, comfortable, collaborative environment, where your fellow songwriters will offer positive feedback and ideas. I’ll give homework, but there are no marks. I’ll lead us in a songwriting exercise each week, and hand out assignments. Everyone will get a chance to share works in progress if they desire. No pressure though. We’ll create a couple of songs from scratch as a group!
You’ll be in a cool new space at the edge of Guelph- the Royal City Studios–  and we’ll be able to record your efforts too. You’ll be a better songwriter at the end. Doctor’s orders. No experience necessary.

8 weeks starting Sunday January 266th, 2019- ending on March 15th. 2 pm.
Here’s the Deal:  200.00 dollars for 8 weeks. It’s a bargain! that’s 25 dollars per 2.5 hour session. You can drop in too, for 30 dollars per session.

Price includes a free “James Gordon Songbook”, 30 dollar value,  so you can critique me too! It makes a great Christmas present if you’d like to get your songwriter out of the house for an afternoon a week!

Here’s how to register:

or email me at

I’ve written more than 1500 songs in my too-long career, in all genres ( I just finished my 40th album counting the 14 I did with my old band Tamarack.)  Some have become ‘Canadian Classics’ like “Frobisher Bay”, “Mining For Gold” ( famously recorded by the Cowboy Junkies ); the enduringly silly “Sweaters For Penguins”, and “Looking For Livingstone”. I’ve been giving songwriting workshops for 30 years to kids and adults. I’ve hosted many ‘songwriting weekends’ with my talented neighbour Katherine Wheatley. I’ve even given workshops in Japan, Vietnam and Great Britain, and I was songwriter-in-residence with two shows on CBC radio for 12 years. In short, ( which I am ), I know my way around a song, and I’m keen to share what I’ve learned with you!  You’ll come away with some keeper songs and some new tricks to try out! I hope you’ll consider joining me.